Soothing Hands Equine Therapy

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Massage is an important part of looking after your horse, just like grooming, and picking out hooves. Massage should be part of your regular routine! 
To find out "the button"! PLEASE! Your horse will thank you. name is Kim Allaby, and I am Hint of Lemon' s human; she is a Thoroughbred who started her racing career as a 

two year old and retired at the end of her six year old year.  We love hacking, and going for a good gallop! She also enjoys meeting people and eating treats :).  Horses have been my passion all my life, and for over 50 years I have been around horses 

as a student, teacher,  barn manager, trainer, and competitor in a variety of disciplines, as well as being a human for a variety of horses. In 1997 I "found equine massage" (follow this link to read My Story , maybe it's your story too). 

In 1998 I changed my life and became a Certified Equine Massage Therapist, and started massaging horses. 

In about 2008 I had heard so many clients say, "If only I had known about muscles!",  I started  to teach clinics, and educate people about the importance of maintaining, healthy muscles, how to fix old problems, and when to call in a professional . 

Over the years I have realised that I am on a mission.

That mission is to ensure that every person involved with equines (I include donkeys and mules too), understands the importance of massage in maintaining and/or improving the well being of the animals in their lives, as well as how to do massage themselves.

To achieve my mission I do 2 things: 1) massage horses     2) teach people to massage horses.

Once my mission is accomplished everything you do with your equines will be easy, and both of you will be happier.

Please come and learn to massage your horse at a workshop and/or clinic.

Let's make your time with your horse happier!